Cargo Hold Cleaning & Washing Services

Up to 24 hours employee mobilization!

Our operation team is always ready to mobilize our cleansers at your services at the spot you need.

Why hold preparation services are important?

As preparation for loading is a complex procedure with a lot of peculiarities, it’s inappropriate to pass it without special attention and professional approach. There are a number of matters causing substantial claims. Starting with a lack of knowledge, time terms and strictness of survey inspection at load port, the ship owners, operators, managers, masters should find the most appropriate method of cargo holds preparation.

When reloading the same cargo, there is a tendency to leave the holds unswept. This can lead to the fact that the cargo residues can hide damages to the hold or tank top and react with the paint. Traces of previous cargoes may corrode bare steel plate. There are cargoes that stain and need a requires the holds to be cleaned very well after the carriage.

In order to avoid delays or offhire of the ship, hold preparation requires proper planning. With a team of skilled and experienced specialists, you get your vessel decontaminated and ready for the next loading promptly.

Cargo holds preparation in the Black Sea ports of southern Russia

Marine Company Holding is a team with a high level of awareness of the hold preparation works. Extensive experience allows us to answer your request within shortest term and mobilize staff within up to 24 hours, search for the optimal rout to your location and prepare all necessary equipment. With us you may be sure you get the best service in the Black Sea ports of southern Russia. Our in-service staff can prepare the holds for next charging after such types of cargo:

  • Coal
  • Pet Coke
  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Manganese ore
  • Metal Scrap
  • Bauxite, etc.

Each team member has appropriate certifications and knowledge to perform any type of works. Our qualification and equipment are more than enough to work in any hard and hazardous conditions on the height of up to 22 meters. 

It is well known that Australia, USA and Canada require very high standards of hold cleanliness prior to loading grain cargoes.

Types of standards:

«Hospital Clean» is the most stringent and requires all hold surfaces to have 100% intact paint coatings on all surfaces (including the tank top, all ladder rungs and undersides of hatches).

«Grain Clean» requires the holds to be free from insects, odour, residue of previous cargo, lashing material, loose rust scale and paint flakes, etc. Prior to loading the holds must be swept, washed down with fresh water, dried and well ventilated. Light atmospheric rusting of exposed steel is generally acceptable but loose scale or paint, such that it may become detached and mix with the cargo, certainly is not.

«Normal Clean» requires the holds to be swept to remove all residues of the previous cargo, washed down and dried ready to receive a similar or compatible cargo.

«Shovel Clean» does not require washing but only the removal of the previous cargo by rough hand or mechanical sweeping.

We Clean & Prepare

  • Significant quantity of cleaned vessels proves the loyalty of our clients
  • It allows us to guarantee the washing of customers' vessels according to any standard with the best quality in the shortest possible time

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